Infinite Ricks wallet is avaliable for Windows and Linux operating systems. The wallet is completly build-in and doesn't requier any additional configuration. Security setting are strongly recommended but not essential, follow our wallet set-up guide to insure safety of your RICKs. To get started, check  here.

Infinite Ricks technical information

Genesis: 2020
Full name: Infinite Ricks
Short name: RICK
Hashing algorithm: Scrypt
Consensus algorithm: Proof of Stake
Block time: 2 minutes
Distribution: Infinite
Transaction fee: 0.0001 RICK/kb
Minimum stake age: 12 hours
Maximum stake age: Unlimited
Staking reward: 307% per year
Minted coins spendable after: 24 confirmations

1.  Learn about RICK


2. Install RICK desktop wallet


3.  Get initial RICKs


There are a number of ways to get RICKs - you can earn them through services such as web mining,  claim free RICKs on faucets or purchase coins on exchanges.

Check here for a list.

4.  Make new RICKs


You can indefinitely grow your RICKs via proof-of-stake minting. PoS minting is a process where stakeholders mint new blocks for the network. To participate in minting you have to install Infinite Ricks wallet, load it with RICK coins, and hold them untill your node mints new block in the chain. Every minted block rewards you with new RICKs.  Check here for a staking guide.

5.  Unite with RICK community



Join our community resources to stay up to date with all the latest RICK news and to chat with other community members and developers. Links to Discord, Twitter, Telegram and forums can be found on the COMMUNITY page.